The Books You Need … and the Savings You’ll Love

At the age of 25 I formally joined a church, and as part of the welcoming class the leaders explained there were a certain number of books we would need to participate.

First, was a religious text for the obvious reason that it was used during service. Second, was a book of music … also used during service. Third, were books for our library to help us understand the history and philosophy of the church. Finally, was a checkbook, because money did not grow on trees and it was necessary to keep the building running.

As a health and physical education professional you are also in need of books. First, you need your curriculum based on either the National Health Education Standards or SHAPE America’s National Standards for K-12 Physical Education. Second, you need your curriculum guide because it is the document that guides your work in the classroom every day. Third, you need your PETE/HETE library — those books you studied which gave you the base of your professional beliefs.

Finally, you need … well, actually you don’t need a checkbook. But, hopefully you are drawing a salary for your dedicated work, and what you need is a way to keep money in your checkbook or savings account. We now have that for you.

Being a member of a professional organization costs money. I pay my dues annually and each year I have to decide if it’s worth it to me to debit my credit card the $79, $139 or $209 dollars that it costs to be a member of SHAPE America.

I believe in our mission, I believe in our resources, I believe in our advocacy, I believe in our staff, and I believe in our awards program — but you know I could spend that $139 on college loan bills … or a really cool pair of sneakers … or a dance class for my kids. So, do I bite the bullet or do without my membership?

Membership Cost? It’s Covered!

Now for the first time ever, SHAPE America is offering Select and Premier members a way to reduce — or completely cover — the cost of membership. It’s called the SHAPE America Savings Guide and it is frankly amazing.

My family is made up of my wife, myself and our 2 daughters, ages 8 and 5. So how can we use the SHAPE America Savings Guide to cover the cost of my Select membership?  Here is a realistic example:

  • My car needs an oil change (actually it’s 300 miles past due). I can print the $10 coupon off the Savings Guide’s website. Total Saved: $10
  • My youngest is a huge fan of Captain America. When I buy her a $10 bobble head as a stocking stuffer, I’ll save 20% off from our local hobby store ($2 savings). Total Saved: $12
  • My nephews are coming for Thanksgiving weekend. For our family bowling trip with four kids and four adults I can redeem the “Buy One Get One” coupon from the bowling alley ($32 savings). Total Saved: $44
  • By Saturday night we will be done with turkey leftovers. I’ll use the free entree coupon from our local sushi restaurant ($9 savings). Total Savings: $53
  • My wife and I have decided that our holiday gift to each other is spending a few days at Universal Studios in Orlando after I’m done working at the SHAPE America national convention in Tampa. Using the SHAPE America Savings Guide, we’ll save $60 on each theme park ticket ($120 savings). 
    Total Savings: $173

So, by December 25, making purchases I would have made anyway, I’ll have saved $173 using the new SHAPE America Savings Guide! It cost me $139 to renew my Select membership. I will always trade $139 for $173.

The reality is that membership organizations like SHAPE America depend on and thrive with large numbers of members supporting our mission and our work. Now, you have a way to save some money while supporting the HPE profession — and you’ll even have a few extra dollars to add the latest health or physical education text to your library.

Thank you for being a member and enjoy the savings!

Christopher Hersl

Christopher Hersl is vice president of Programs & Professional Development at SHAPE America. Reach him through Twitter @SHAPEvpPPD or email at