5 Reasons Why You Need Physical Best

This week, SHAPE America is releasing the latest edition of its popular book for physical education teachers, Physical Best: Physical Education for Lifelong Fitness and Health. The book is the go-to text for teaching fitness education in our schools and improving the health of students.

Here are five reasons to get this new edition of Physical Best:

  1. Improving Student Health — The focus of this book is how to develop physical literacy in our students and give them the tools they need to be successful in maintaining health for life.
  2. Ready-to-Use Activities — The book provides access to activities which teach health information through physical activity — double duty for your precious instruction time.
  3. Three Resources in One — Previous editions of Physical Best required the purchase of three separate texts to get the teacher’s guide and the activity guides for elementary and middle school/high school levels. In this edition, you get access to all three with one purchase.
  4. For All Health and Physical Educators — This book is for EVERYONE in the world of health and physical education. Future professionals can learn best practices from the leaders in our field. Current teachers can get updated guidelines based on the latest research and refresh their teaching using new activities. Higher education professionals can use this text to guide their students and develop the next generation of effective health and physical education teachers.
  5. Helpful Advocacy Tool — Physical Best can be used to help you advocate for highly effective physical education and be a leader in your school. In a field that needs advocacy, tools to equip every health and physical education teacher to make small changes in their own environment can be the positive foundation that supports major positive reform.

Make sure you have the latest and the best! Pick up your copy of Physical Best: Physical Education for Lifelong Fitness and Health at the 2019 SHAPE America National Convention & Expo in Tampa or order online.

Jackie Conkle

Jackie Conkle is the editor of Physical Best and a health education teacher at Peters Township Middle School in McMurray, PA. She also serves as the health & physical education facilitator for the K-8 staff and is a longtime member of both SHAPE America and PSAHPERD. Helping young people develop a love of movement and make healthy personal choices are her highest professional goals. She can be reached at conklej@pt-sd.org.