Thank You.

This will be my last official blog post as president of SHAPE America.

The only words I have are …


This month, the rebranded “SHAPE America” turns 5 years old. In the education world, to turn 5 means you are ready to go to school. You’ve learned all the foundational basics: walking, talking, taking care of fundamental needs. At age 5, you’re ready to explore your world, make friends, and learn new things.

From my lens, this is where we are at SHAPE America and I couldn’t be prouder. On behalf of every health and physical educator — and every student — I’m proud of what was accomplished this past year. I’m proud of our board, district leaders, councils and staff.

All of these amazing people have my thanks and gratitude. They are working hard for our profession. They lift up our professional voice and amplify our message in too many ways to count.

Additionally, I am so excited to pass the gavel this month to my friend, Jamie Sparks, and to see him bring his own wonderful “spin,” expertise, and knowledge to this fine group of leaders. I am also humbled and thrilled to celebrate the work of SHAPE America CEO Stephanie Morris and can assure every member that she is tireless in her efforts to represent every one of us in every way possible.

Thank you, Stephanie.

I look forward to speaking with all of you on mySHAPE America, Voxer, Twitter, and Facebook — and seeing you at our annual SPEAK Out! Day and national convention each year. Thank you for believing in this organization, which is achieving great things and will continue proudly as our nation’s leading membership organization for health and physical education professionals.

When I was 18 years old, I dreamed about being the president of the national organization, which at that time was known as AAHPERD. Thank you all for making that dream come true. Be well and continue to love and support kids with moral courage.

President LoBianco drops the mic. Go ahead and pick it up, Jamie … and lead us into the next chapter.

Judy LoBianco

President of SHAPE America from 2018-2019.